2019 Forest Biometrics Research Institute Annual Meeting. What did we hear…

  • Introductions (Jim McWhorter)
    • Board members
    • Staff
      • James Arney (JDA)
      • Dan Opalach (DO)
      • Richard Zabel
      • Melinda Olson WFCA
    • Grad Students
    • Participants
  • Finances (Brian Sharer)
    • Expecting 2020 – $200,000 in consulting fees
  • Review and Status (JDA)
    • College fellowship not working out as well as planned
  • Biometrics activities and Projects 2019 (DO)
    • E-Forester
    • Site Visits
    • Conference presentations
    • Site Grid Studies
    • Silviculture Cost Study
    • BIA Online Training
    • Tech Support
    • Questions
  • JDA Works
    • SBIR Proposals
    • FPS 7.57 January 2020
  • Grad Student Projects
    • Patrick (PW) Silvicultural treatment effects on height growth
    • Halli (HH) Fellowship Progress Report
  • FBRI Mission JDA 1996! (FBRI wasn’t thought of til 2002 but history is so inconvenient)
    • Workflow
      • 60% tool support
      • 30% R&D
      • 10% Education


  • Status of FBRI Forestry JDA
  • Why FBRI Research is Different
  • How to Best Serve our Mission
  • FBRI Enterprise Services
    • Mapping Site
    • Calibrating Silviculture
    • Build a forest inventory
  • Lots of justification for services by others in the industry have never fulfilled the need and how they will not be a consulting company with their consulting projects

We actually had to stop taking notes at this point because we couldn’t believe the services they were proposing offering that FSD and every other consultant has offered.  As well as using remote sensing technologies that JDA has vigorously stated for decades is not accurate enough to manage lands with especially as margins become narrower.  


They are planning to be direct competition to ALL consultants with the services they are implementing.