Free State Drivers Vision…

While Free State Drivers is a for profit consulting company, we believe that doing projects and developing products for the greater good or the good of the order are in the best interest of the forest industry. To further this goal FSDUtils (Free State Drivers software packages currently under development) will be focused on common tasks that plague all scales of forest industry.

There are many day to day tasks that can be made more efficient and more user friendly. With this in mind software utilities that remain constant across software packages is an important goal. There is limited need to learn multiple interfaces that all do the same thing; time that may be better spent doing other daily tasks. Even with a common interface the need for support is still exists.

To help fill this need for support FSD plans to post Frequently Asked Questions in a searchable database on the internet as they become apparent. There will also be step by step guides available for common tasks, RSS feeds for upcoming events as well as tips and tricks. For questions that are not answered in these places there will still be telephone and email support.

FSD service rates will vary based on your organization’s need. Estimates will be provided upon request.

Updated: 2014-10-15 15:28:00

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