Thneed Digest

Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 11.2

An official update from FBRI about the latest (7.5) software.  However we tried to download the update from the link and the link is the original disabled software.  Now there is no word on if this package was created with the same packaging software as the original 7.0 crash.  However we are willing to bet it is.  The big deal with this version was supposed to identify your system and only install what was needed for your combination of drivers.  Now FPS should not require any real drivers if standard updated programming techniques were used.  Is FBRI still releasing FPS with non standard features.  Previous versions of FPS have used a depreciated video library.  Perhaps time will tell us what is going on.  Wondering if the upcoming workshop is still happening???
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Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 11.1

Just a heads up to all.  The Penguins in the office got an email from FBRI (we think although the Board policy is that all messages come from the main mailing list not individuals) today that stated don’t install FPS 7.5 at all costs and uninstall it.  Seems that in the process of adding more legitimacy to the software (the stated reason for adding the 12 digit secret code to be more like Microsoft and ESRI products) they have also added the ability to BORK your computer.  AGAIN.  Remember 7.0
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Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 09

Just a quick update so that people know that a last minute FBRI workshop is happening.  Sounded like the release of the new software… But we have been expecting the new release next week for the past several years.  If it is being released not a moment too soon based on the bugs that people have been telling us about the current version.  While we have only recently started this take a look at the FPS Wiki.  As bugs and other information surfaces we will try to keep you up to date.  This Wiki/FAQ is not a priority for FSD so if you want to join and help out use the contact form at the end of this post to request an account.
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Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 04

Everyone got the new FPS updates right…  Ya FSD didn’t either so you’re not alone.  Looks like it will still be a few years off or maybe months.  No one knows.  After all we still get to watch the same power point presentations dated 2014 about all the results of the work we have not seen.

Having spoken with several contributors it was brought to my attention that none of us recall from the annual meeting any hint of training.

Finally the latest is the announcement for a biometrician position and grad student scholarship.
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