FSD Utilities

FSD Utilities is currently a series of Microsoft Access database utilities to help users have a user friendly environment. These utilities can be useful to anyone from the novice to the expert. Many of these utilities have stemmed from the needs of FSD to make things run more smoothly in the office for day to day task’s. Others have come from observing others and how they use databases and computers in general.


FSD Base is a set of functions that will automatically load other FSD Utils installed on your computer. This Utility comes with all the FSD Utils.

  • FSD RecSets
  • FSD Base


Tired of updating menus in your database. Sometimes the easiest way is to take all your data and insert it in to the database with the proper menu. This is a practice of the past. With FSD Menus you can develop a set of menus and store the menu structure in a table. This format is flexible and expandable to any number of menu levels and many of the extra features that can be included in to menu bars. For each menu bar you can have a separate table containing the menu bar for specific applications.


(In development)

This is the suite of FSDUtils setup and tested to assist forest managers and other forestry workers in a more streamlined liter and easier use of FBRI’s FPS Software.