2015 Forest Biometrics Research Institute Annual Meeting. What we heard… (Afternoon)

The much anticipated FBRI Annual meeting happened today.  Did we learn anything?

James Arney Report

  • Measuring Density
    • Stand Indices
    • Tree Indices
    • Growing Space
    • Stand vs tree charts
    • Diameter/(Height-4.5) ratios
  • 10-m site
  • “I have lots of data”
  • FPS CASH Card
    • Correct Age, Site, Height
  • Non-Parametric
  • Education tie-in looking for a school to teach the FPS way
  • Conclusion
    • Trees are the experimental unit
    • Measure all heights
    • Stem map
    • Localize the 10-m site
    • Non-parametric
  • Nelder Plots
  • Plot locations for “vital” locations
  • “Calibrate for Global Warming”
  • “I build 4 models because no other models could do it”
  • Further Discussion
    • Check out the website.

End of meeting


FSD will add its two cents soon