Android: ‘Type the password for credential storage.’

The Android penguin in the office came across this the other day and did some research.  This is what they found out…

We have several Android devices around the office and the Penguins love them.  They just work.  It is always nice to have technology working for you instead of you working for technology.

The Problem:

We were off site and needed to access the secure Penguin Nest VPN.  After all the calendar we were trying to receive was extremely confidential.  Really.

On Android 4.4.4 we went to:

  • Settings
  • More…
  • VPN

MESSAGE: ‘Type the password for credential storage.’

Funny no one set a password and when the VPN had been set up in the past this had not been a question.  So the Research Division was called in.  They found this to be a common problem but everyone had a different solution and problem leading up to this.  we hope to have a more general solution that may or may not work.

Others Solutions:

  1. Enter your device PIN or password
  2. Enter your SIM unlock code
  3. Reset your credentials
  4. Enter the wrong password several times until it clears your VPN list and start over by entering a new pin
  5. Stand on your left foot and pat your tummy

OK not really on the last one but i bet someone tried.  Put your right foot down now.  Yes you…

Potential Causes:

The VPN settings had been set months ago since then:

  1. Android updated 2x times
  2. The device had been encrypted
  3. Several apps had been installed and removed some involving the lock screen (assumption had to interact with the keyring that we assume Android uses since Linux does.)

The FSD Solution:

This is going to sound stupid but it worked.  Change your PIN.  That is all.  All the Android Penguin did was change the PIN and the question went away.  Best yet the PIN was changed from the original PIN to the original PIN.  So really no change but it forced the credentials to be updated.  Now after trying all the other stuff Android tried to be cute and nuked the 3 VPN configurations for security.  Luckily 2 were only for testing but we got in and re-setup the 1 VPN that was needed.

Hopefully this helps someone out there BEFORE they reset there Android device, put it in the freezer, chant incantations and several other things that didn’t make a difference on the Android device here.

However,  may get back to you on the incantations.  There is nothing that the Penguins here like more than an excuse to sing and party around technology.  Who knows may work one of these times.

UPDATE:  Rumored that these directions also work on Android 5 (Lollipop).  The penguins in the office don’t have an updated device to verify though.