The office Penguins return to the nest!

While we appeared to have a day and a half of no power the amazing men and women of the power company came through today.  So the penguins made a mad dash back to get the nest back up and running.  Amazing how all the simple things on a network have to be started in a specific order and typically not able to be done remotely.  We learned several lessons from this.  Next time don’t grab the server! When you are going to the place that has a fully replicated server for backup you don’t need 2 servers at the same location.  the “loss” of a few hours of work isn’t worth it.  now that everything is back up and running the normal daily backups will resume.


Had to abandon the nest…

Hello all.  This has been a rocky week.  Monday evening at about 7pm a severe storm with micro-bursts and hurricane force winds came blowing through the nest in Missoula.  Initial estimates were that 18,000 people were without power.  This ranged from Darby, MT to Polson, MT.  That is 130 miles long.  The office penguins waited for the storm to pass then grabbed the chainsaw to help the neighbors cut there way out.  No one was injured in the neighborhood just a real mess.

By 11am Tuesday there was still no power.  Lots of the neighborhoods around the nest had power restored but not the nest itself.  With freezers thawing and the support requests pouring in the office penguins scrambled.  Some packed the food from the freezer and the Head Guin grabbed the server and launched to an alternate location.

As of 10p Tuesday there is still no response from the FSD networks.  The assumption is that power still has not been restored.  Estimates are Wednesday or Thursday because of the scope of damage.

That said the alternate location is up and running and no further interruption in FSD services are expected.

Happy New Years – Well for FPS

Remember that July 1 is the first day of the new year for The Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS).  This means anything measured this year before today is assigned a year of last year for its measurement.  Today ALL growth is considered to have happened and it is year end of the current calendar year.

Cleaning the Nest

The FSD Web Penguin is feverishly working to revamp the FSD website.  The hope is to provide more content at a more regular basis.  Please check back to see what is happening while we move the rocks around the nest.