Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS) Install Helper

Probably one of the most asked questions around the nest is “How do I install FPS?” Once upon a time the installer package did this all for you.  No longer.  Here is a quick bit to help…

While FSD hopes to improve this basic routine it can set all your environment variables with a few clicks and a few questions.  Currently this will set (if selected) FPSPath, FP7Path, FPSData, FP7Data and SVSPath.

In the future the hopes are that this routine can also adjust the ODBC permissions to eliminate the pesky error message but for now this will do a lot of the work for you.  This will also be a fast way to help distribute FSD routines and blank databases again by USER choice.

Download FSD Accessories for FP&PS (retired please see THIS post)

For more information on installing FPS please CHECK THIS OUT.  Most of that information is obsolete so if you have any questions please contact FSD for support.