New Software Screenshots

In cooperation with The Natural Biometrician, the penguins around the shop here have been working on redesigning the FPS database developed by The Forest Biometrics Research Institute.  Many times the developers have made the announcement that the FPS database is just an example and users are expected to customize it to fit their needs.  The FSD Office Penguins are well on the way to making that a reality with straightforward updates, navigation menus, and functions.  Check out some of the initial screenshots at The Natural Biometrician and tell us what you think.  Want to use the interface for something else.  Go for it.  It is flexible enough to handle just about any MS Access database type of model.

Oh ya, the downside is the cost.  FREE!!!!  Yes, that is right we are giving it away as we should.  Currently settling on the license before releasing in mid-November 2017.  To protect the USER, we are actively considering GPLv3.  Open Source!  That doesn’t mean we would turn down contributions if you feel that it is worth the development.