Thneed Digest – Week 2014 – 41

Thneed Digest????  What the…  What have the FSD Penguins been doing and what happened to Thneed Weekly??? Plus some info on the upcoming workshop…

You ask excellent questions.  Well the Web Penguin is a little OCD about what he puts out and Thneed weekly just got farther behind every week and the need to make a complete post every week started to take more time than any of the penguins here had.  You will see that some of the posts are even incomplete.  So we had an office meeting and decided that instead of making a half attempt to put out weekly notes that may not be complete we would instead create Thneed Digest to post things when they are complete.

So what is happening around the nest you ask.  Well the Marketing Penguin here is really trying to promote the upcoming workshop…

Getting The Most Out Of Your Inventory Data With FPS: Building A Wall-To-Wall Inventory

In the IT Department we just received the blank laptop to create the workshop image.  The laptops will be supplied by AV-Tech Rentals out of Portland, OR.  Excellent rentals and service!!! What is going to be on the system?  Here is a brief list of the exact process that we are using:

Tweaks that had to be made:

  • Remove Ink Correction Keyboard (64-bit only)
  • Change Permissions to WOW6432Node/ODBC registry key
  • Accept macros in MS Access
  • Set Environment Variables
    • Ran an FSD installer to set all variables for local user