Thneed Digest – Week 2015 – 04

Effective January 17, 2015 Free State Drivers will no longer be providing support services on behalf of the Forest Biometrics Research Institute.  This is the date the FBRI Board of Directors asked FSD to discontinue all services based on the request by FSD to terminate the contract.  FSD would like to apologize for the short notice.  FSD proposed a 6 month transition period to alleviate any problems and was given only 5 business days (ending January 17, 2015) to transfer all databases, hardware, software and support services including phone to the Portland office.

What does this mean for FSD…

FSD is still in the game!!!  FSD will be branching out services and providing technical support services to any organization interested.  A reasonable rate has been posted HERE.  Special contracts are available as well as on an as needed basis.  There is no significant planned change change in operations around the nest.  FSD will continue on its mission with the best service it can offer.  This change will allow FSD to diversify and expand services as well as create new partnerships.

Please keep an eye out here for more updates.  There will be something for everyone.