Thneed Digest – Week 2015 – 05

Those of here at FSD would like to thank you all for the great comments and well wishes that you have passed on to us.  Again FSD isn’t out of the game it is just changing focus and direction.  

Some of you all will recognise this as we have emailed it to you but for the rest of you here is what we have.

This should become an interesting year.  It took FSD 3 years to get running and we lost some of that when we contracted with FBRI.  FSD really was more focused on the success of FBRI than FSD.  So we are going to go back to developing the company.

Current projects include:

  • 3 sustained yield analyses in the works
  • Custom database design and development for some organizations
  • Web development both utilities and basic website design.
  • Continue doing support services just not under the FBRI umbrella.  Even have a support ticket system set up to automate things some.
  • Continued building of our client base.  A constant in business.

A few big priorities:

  • Release a FREE forest site grid for all forested lands west of the Mississippi.  the raw work is nearly done here.  just need to calibrate the site model and figure out how to distribute 30gb of data.  @ 16gb the domain hosting service blew a gasket.  Fore more information HERE.
  • Redesign the FPS database with better menus and reports and functionality.  Release that for FREE too.
  • Writing documentation.  We have one book we are about to publish from our last workshop.  The cover is off to a graphic artist and only a few more chapters to write.  Once that is done off to the publisher.
  • Develop some workshops (physical and online).  Build off the last one we did and develop a follow up to that one.  This means another book.
  • Have a bigger online presence with support information.  Thinking about monthly web meetings.  We have the tech for up to 25 people with the FSD TeamViewer License.

Personal stuff:

  • Begin writing a natural resource management model that we have been working on for 5 or so years now.  The possibility of having a great biometrician to help develop it has come to light. We hope to write a book about the process of writing the model.
  • Develop some non-profits.  We have had some great ideas in the past few years just haven’t had time to develop them.  Fun thing is most of them have nothing to do with forestry.
  • Develop our woodturning skills some.  Although selling of wooden pens we think is about exhausted.  The market is getting saturated.  So we are working on some bowls now.
  • NO MATTER WHAT be at my niece’s graduation from law school this summer!!!
  • and of course becoming intergalactic supreme commander of the universe.  But we will hold off on that for a bit.  After all what would we have to look forward to in our retirement years in 70 – 80 years.

So we have just a few small goals here at FSD.  We also hope to continue promoting the mission of FBRI.  We think it is possible to do this better from outside the organization that inside.  That should be enough to keep us out of trouble for a few weeks.  What do you think?  Contact Us…