Thneed Digest – Week 2015 – 21

Just a quick update on the happenings around the nest and any rumors that the FSD Penguins have heard including FPS updates (maybe??)

FPS Updates

Based on several discussions with many organizations it seems that there is a lack of complete communications to the FBRI contributing organizations via the official FBRI email list.  The official policy of FBRI set forth by the Board of Directors is that all mass mailings are to go through the Portland, OR office via the master mailing list.  However this does not seem to be enforced.  Since January Free State Drivers has not received any scheduled or unscheduled mass mailing from directly from FBRI and seems to have been removed from the mailing list as we received emails prior to this.  FSD is a fully endowed contributing organization and should be receiving these.  FSD has had to request copies of these emails sometimes weeks later.  So lets do a recap…

Listing of emails to contributors known to FSD (2015):

  • 2015/05/15 FPS Cruise Compiler Update V7.40
  • 2015/04/20 WFCA Workshop April 13-14 notes (for workshop attendees)
  • 2015/02/18 Transition in FBRI Technical Support Services – 2nd Letter
  • 2015/02/01 Technical Support updates – FAQ
  • 2015/01/19 FBRI Board letter to clients and supporting organizations

Listing of FPS Updated known to FSD (2015):

  • 2015/05/15 – 7.4.0
  • 2015/01/12 – 7.3.3

While there are 2 “software” updates these updates only covered perceived issued with the cruise compiler.  FSD internal testing has found that no version of the FPS compiler after 7.2.0 has been able to run on several of the Win XP or Win 7 test computers and requires Win 8 or greater.  This issue was passed on to FBRI in 2014 with many other issues that have not been addressed at all.  Thus far all “issues” discussed by FBRI in 2015 had been submitted to the Board as far back as 2014.

FSD will continue to post updates about FBRI communications as FSD is aware of them in hopes that ALL contributing organizations will be made privy to the updates from FBRI.

FSD Updates

The penguins around the nest have been running around like crazy.  It is good to be busy.  We have been approached by many organizations to provide support services and a price list of services can be found HERE.  The rapid professional service that people have come to expect from FSD continues.

FSD has been testing Windows 10 as part of the Microsoft beta program.  So far we really like the features of the operating system.  Everything we have thrown at it Windows 10 has been able to manage.  For the past week the only system used was a first generation netbook with Windows 10.  While the system wasn’t extremely snappy, due to its age, the lean design of Windows 10 has allowed us to resurrect this system.  Several graphics editing software packages have been installed and used.  We are excited about the upcoming release of Windows 10 and are actively considering migrating our primary work systems to Windows 10 from the current Windows XP.  This migration will not be supported by Microsoft because of the cut off for updates but that is not a concern at FSD.

Final Note

Just over a week ago the Head Penguin here at FSD had to go on a trip.  While the trip may have been long I would not have missed it for the world.  My niece graduated from law school with honors!!!  I am extremely proud of her accomplishments.  I am not sure an uncle could be more proud.  Much like her parents said in a toast to her at dinner every obstacle and opportunity she faced was met with determination and dedication.  There are few people that know what they want to be when they grow up this was not the case with my niece.  Words can not describe how proud I am of my niece and her accomplishments.  While this may just be one of the early hurdles I know that she will succeed in all things that she approaches.  I wish you good luck on your Bar exam and know that you will do wonders.