Thneed Digest – Week 2016 – 43

An update on what FSD knows…

Well not much is new.  I know that this may come as a shock to some but no updates were released at the previous workshop as it had been hinted.  The latest is that “Sometime early next year” a new library will be distributed.  This has been the response for the past several years.  One more reason that Endowment Contributors shouldn’t change to Annual Contributors.

Speaking of the last workshop the Penguins from the office here attended the event.  As you can see from the lack of post here it was not terribly remarkable.  The agenda would be a good place to start talking about all that we learned but the office Penguins here don’t want to have to rewrite the agenda since the distributed one was barely addressed in its distributed form.

The FBRI Annual Meeting is on the horizon.  YOU SHOULD ATTEND!!  While another mock Board Meeting will happen this is your best opportunity to interact with other Contributing Organizations and the Board of Directors.  This is the only time that anyone can publicly ask the “Hard questions”.  FSD will be there will you or your organization?  Shoot me a note at the bottom of this post if you think you will be there.

FPS Updates

So let’s do an update…

Listing of communications to contributors known to FSD (up to 1 year):

  • 2016/10/20 FBRI annual meeting coming up soon
  • 2016/10/06 FBRI annual meeting registration
  • 2016/08/30 FPS planning workshop and universal library release
  • 2016/08/11 FPS workshop on harvest planning
  • 2016/06/27 Voluntary Termination of Endowment Agreements (Snail Mail)
  • 2016/06/23 FBRI chairman’s letter for June board meeting
  • 2016/06/17 FPS guidebook available for download.
  • 2016/06/03 FBRI workshop on June 7 in Corvallis (workshop participants only)
  • 2016/05/25 FPS workshop on FPS localization by SiteGrid
  • 2016/05/13 New FPS workshop on localization by SiteGrid
  • 2016/03/16 New FPS workshop on inventory
  • 2016/01/06 Upcoming FBRI updates and SiteGrid notes
  • 2016/01/04 FBRI issued a user ID for Free State Drivers
  • 2015/12/22 FBRI Chairman’s letter on Nov. board meeting
  • 2015/11/17 FBRI annual meeting materials
  • 2015/11/05 FPS upgrade to lump/split utility
  • 2015/11/04 Software upgrade for FPS Version 7.45 components
  • 2015/10/28 FBRI annual meeting coming up, RSVP today

Listing of FPS Updated known to FSD (2015):

  • 2015/11/05 – 7.4.5 (#2?)
  • 2015/11/04 – 7.4.5 (#1?)
  • 2015/07/06 – 7.4.4
  • 2015/06/10 – 7.4.3
  • 2015/06/01 – 7.4.2
  • 2015/05/22 – 7.4.1

FSD will continue to post updates about FBRI communications as FSD is aware of them in hopes that all contributing organizations will be made privy to the updates from FBRI.