Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 16

So today I was reminded that we should keep people up to date on the happenings around the Nest and our corner of forestry.

In the past month the Penguins around the Nest have been hopping pretty quick.

As we started this post we found that there was a lot of information.  Most of which was just information for the sake of information.  As such we will be doing a followup post about what the realizations that were made around the Nest.

We started off the past month with going to the FBRI “Workshop”. (Week 13)  We were so impressed with it you can see our report.  What you missed it? Well that is because we didn’t write anything about it.  In the 1.5 days out of the 2 full days scheduled (Yes they canceled the last half day.  We are waiting for our refund.  Hear the check is in the mail…) the class went over how to do depletions and the operation of the new and untested version of FPS and its library.  The common theme was “You should go home and do this and send us your results because we don’t know how your inventory will change from this update.”  In other words the library has not been tested and little validation has taken place.    FBRI possess most of the organization inventories in question it would have been easy for them to test themselves.  We also received no Best Biometric Practices Review board sign off on this certified library.

The Basic agenda was to be:

  • With FPS 7.4.5
    • move the inventory up to year end
    • process depletions
    • Grow
    • Add new cruises
  • With 7.5.0
    • Re-Merchandize

DAY 1:

Of course we started off with all the same history we get at every workshop ending with the one shining star that will be our saviour FBRI.  We were given some background into the Library.  Mainly that the previous library was done in 2006 and the new one was 2016.

Old RegionLocationNew RegionReference Species / Location
11,12,13,14,15,16,17Western United States10DF
20SE Alaska20WH/SS
40Southern Pines40SE Pines
50Central Hardwoods
60Lake States60Great Lakes
70,80Central and Eastern Canada70Canadian Shield
25,26,27,28,29Hawaii80Pacific Tropical

And information on the source data.  “Our databases are better”

Localization was pushed

  • CASHCard
  • Planted vs stump sprout (.P/.S)
  • DBH/HT ratio from cruises
  • 10m Site and Shape
  • Vigor (1-5 default 3)
  • Clumpiness
  • Shade tolerance
  • Taper

This brings us to 10a when we opened the Puget Database

Build a wall to wall inventory:

  • Update BD Name
  • Titles table change name
  • Change the region
  • Select all
  • Compile
  • Select Cruised stands
  • Grow to 2015
  • Expand
  • Habitat Classification
  • Reports
    • Stand
      • All
        • Species
          • All stands

Next we deplete stands

  • Select No stands
  • Select 1010,1254,1416,1419,1469
  • Reports
    • Stand
      • All
        • Species
          • All stands
  • Year end
    • Reserve harvested Inventory
    • Deplete
      • Yes
      • No
    • Reserve Residual Inventory (This is used for growth report)
    • Reports under year end

Insert smoke and mirrors here


Add the new cruises

  • Add new cruises
  • Compile
  • Update habitat classification
  • Run reports
  • Rename and archive the database

At this point it was necessary to install FPS 7.5.  This required a break as it caused complete vapor lock.  Finally the decision was made to distribute each individual’s unique id in the format xxxx-yyyy-yyyy.  This number was said to be generated from some formula calculating some location on the sphere of the earth.

SiteGrid has been updated to include Wet_C with precip from Jul – Sept


1/2 day was proposed as we had finished all steps for both days on day 1.

With the new database we

  • Compile
  • Grow
  • Expand
  • Habitat classification
  • Build Schedule years
  • Crow 100 years
  • grow yield
  • run the harvest scheduler

Clumpiness is based on 50 points per acre and the variance of the CCF at those points.  At point of the cruise compile the standard deviation of the plot density is how the clumpiness is calculated.

That is the workshop.  Yes we went to a workshop that you could have completed in the time it took you to read the post…  More in the follow-up post.

FPS Updates

So let’s do an update…

Listing of communications to contributors known to FSD (up to 1 year):

  • 2014/04/17 FBRI workshop on localizing FPS Universal Growth Model
  • 2017/03/17 Revised update link for FPS 7.50 download
  • 2017/03/16 Critical update on FPS 7.50 and Universal Library Download
  • 2017/03/16 Installation package for FPS 7.50…!!!
  • 2017/03/15 FBRI workshop on transitioning to the new FPS Universal Library
  • 2017/03/10 FPS 7.5 and Universal Library Download Available
  • 2017/02/27 FBRI workshop on transitioning to the new FPS Universal Library
  • 2017/01/24 Biometrician Position Available and Graduate Student Fellowship Offered (WFCA Mailing)
  • 2017/01/24 FBRI Biometrician position open and Graduate Student Fellowship available
  • 2016/12/06 FBRI chairman’s letter for November board meeting
  • 2016/11/04 Coming up soon: FBRI annual meeting
  • 2016/10/20 FBRI annual meeting coming up soon
  • 2016/10/06 FBRI annual meeting registration
  • 2016/08/30 FPS planning workshop and universal library release
  • 2016/08/11 FPS workshop on harvest planning
  • 2016/06/27 Voluntary Termination of Endowment Agreements (Snail Mail)
  • 2016/06/23 FBRI chairman’s letter for June board meeting
  • 2016/06/17 FPS guidebook available for download.
  • 2016/06/03 FBRI workshop on June 7 in Corvallis (workshop participants only)
  • 2016/05/25 FPS workshop on FPS localization by SiteGrid
  • 2016/05/13 New FPS workshop on localization by SiteGrid

Listing of FPS Updated known to FSD:

  • 2017/03/17 – 7.5.1
  • 2015/11/05 – 7.4.5 (#2?)
  • 2015/11/04 – 7.4.5 (#1?)
  • 2015/07/06 – 7.4.4
  • 2015/06/10 – 7.4.3
  • 2015/06/01 – 7.4.2
  • 2015/05/22 – 7.4.1

FSD will continue to post updates about FBRI communications as FSD is aware of them in hopes that all contributing organizations will be made privy to the updates from FBRI.