Thneed Weekly – Week 2014 – 20

Thneed Weekly (Because everyone needs a thneed) will be a weekly comment on the goings on around the FSD Nest.  FSD is involved in many projects and wants to develop many projects Thneed Weekly will be the way FSD does that.  There will be a slight delay on the release of Thneed Weekly for the sake of ease of writing. 

This was a travel week for FSD hoping to get some projects done.  While the projects didn’t get done they are a lot closer.  A few discoveries on the FSD report writer we are testing were added and fixed.  Rounding can be such a pain.

Even though we were out got great news on another one of the projects around here.  While we are sure that the download killed the bandwidth of the coffee shop some preliminary data from a contractor came in.  This is exciting news as it is an early step on releasing a big product to the world (so to speak).  The hope is to release this dataset for FREE (as in beer)!!  FSD hopes to have this posted in the next few months.  It will be a lot of data but it will answer a lot of people’s questions.  More on this mysterious product in future Thneed Weekly’s.

With travel comes the need to listen to something while travelling.  Since most of the time “you cant get there from here”.  Some of the listening material was podcasts and some was audiobooks.  here is a brief listing of the highlights we will not list the ones that were not so good.

  • podcasts
    • BBC World Service Science Hour
    • Car Talk
    • FLOSS Weekly
    • Science Friday
    • Scientific American 60-Second Science
    • Security Now!
    • Software Engineering Radio
  • audiobooks
    • The Martian by Andy Weir

Executive decision time.  We will get the FSD Web Penguin around here to add links to podcasts and audiobooks.  Should help reduce duplicate postings.