Upcoming Workshop Cancled

The planned workshop scheduled for February 8, Getting the Most Out of Your Inventory Data with FPS: Building a Wall-to-Wall Inventory, has been canceled.  No real word on why from WFCA when asked.  This is the second time FSD has attempted to run this workshop in cooperation with WFCA and the second time it has been canceled by powers not in the control of FSD and no real information on why.  We know that many of you have been actively asking for this workshop and FSD will continue to try and run this but will have to find other partners to offer this with.  FSD will still as always provide on-site training for any organization.

The hope was that this workshop would iron the last of the bugs out of the I’ve Got FPS Now What A dirt foresters guide to using, understanding, localizing and calibrating the Forest Projection and Planning System book.  Instead we will continue by finalizing the cover graphics with the graphics designer and push to have this published as soon as possible.  Several people have offered to be beta testers and likely FSD will take them up on this.  More on the release of this manual as we get closer.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.