November 26, 2006

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FSD News:

  • Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 11.1

    Posted: 2017/03/16           Category: Thneed Digest          

    Just a heads up to all.  The Penguins in the office got an email from FBRI (we think although the Board policy is that all messages come from the main mailing list not individuals) today that stated don’t install FPS 7.5 at all costs and uninstall it.  Seems that in the process of adding more legitimacy to the software (the stated reason for adding the 12 digit secret code to be more like Microsoft and ESRI products) they have also added the ability to BORK your computer.  AGAIN.  Remember 7.0

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  • Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 11

    Posted: 2017/03/15           Category: Thneed Digest          

    Nothing major just another ad for the upcoming workshop that FBRI is holding but wanting to keep people up to date.

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  • Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 10

    Posted: 2017/03/11           Category: Thneed Digest          

    WOW a new release of FPS (7.50).  While the version will not provide real answers until you get the top secret code to use it…  Next week when the office penguins here get there top secret code from FBRI we will be testing it and hope to report back.

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  • Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 09

    Posted: 2017/03/01           Category: Thneed Digest          

    Just a quick update so that people know that a last minute FBRI workshop is happening.  Sounded like the release of the new software… But we have been expecting the new release next week for the past several years.  If it is being released not a moment too soon based on the bugs that people have been telling us about the current version.  While we have only recently started this take a look at the FPS Wiki.  As bugs and other information surfaces we will try to keep you up to date.  This Wiki/FAQ is not a priority for FSD so if you want to join and help out use the contact form at the end of this post to request an account.

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  • Upcoming Workshop Cancled

    Posted: 2017/01/27           Category: Announcements          

    The planned workshop scheduled for February 8, Getting the Most Out of Your Inventory Data with FPS: Building a Wall-to-Wall Inventory, has been canceled.  No real word on why from WFCA when asked.  This is the second time FSD has attempted to run this workshop in cooperation with WFCA and the second time it has been canceled by powers not in the control of FSD and no real information on why.  We know that many of you have been actively asking for this workshop and FSD will continue to try and run this but will have to find other partners to offer this with.  FSD will still as always provide on-site training for any organization.

    The hope was that this workshop would iron the last of the bugs out of the I’ve Got FPS Now What A dirt foresters guide to using, understanding, localizing and calibrating the Forest Projection and Planning System book.  Instead we will continue by finalizing the cover graphics with the graphics designer and push to have this published as soon as possible.  Several people have offered to be beta testers and likely FSD will take them up on this.  More on the release of this manual as we get closer.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

  • Thneed Digest – Week 2017 – 04

    Posted:            Category: Thneed Digest          

    Everyone got the new FPS updates right…  Ya FSD didn’t either so you’re not alone.  Looks like it will still be a few years off or maybe months.  No one knows.  After all we still get to watch the same power point presentations dated 2014 about all the results of the work we have not seen.

    Having spoken with several contributors it was brought to my attention that none of us recall from the annual meeting any hint of training.

    Finally the latest is the announcement for a biometrician position and grad student scholarship.

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  • Thneed Digest – Week 2016 – 47

    Posted: 2016/11/29           Category: Thneed Digest          

    Were you at the FBRI annual meeting?  FSD was and here is what we learned.

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  • A word to the wise about ransomware

    Posted: 2016/11/20           Category: Tips and Tricks          

    So as all good stories go “No kidding there I was….”

    The FSD Penguins had been scrambling all morning to try and get the internet up and running only to find out that Missoula had a near city wide internet outage.  Then the call that any support person dreads.  “What do you know about Bitcoins?”

    Here are some steps that worked out well in this case your mileage might vary.

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  • Thneed Digest – Week 2016 – 43

    Posted: 2016/10/24           Category: Thneed Digest          

    An update on what FSD knows…

    Well not much is new.  I know that this may come as a shock to some but no updates were released at the previous workshop as it had been hinted.  The latest is that “Sometime early next year” a new library will be distributed.  This has been the response for the past several years.  One more reason that Endowment Contributors shouldn’t change to Annual Contributors.

    Speaking of the last workshop the Penguins from the office here attended the event.  As you can see from the lack of post here it was not terribly remarkable.  The agenda would be a good place to start talking about all that we learned but the office Penguins here don’t want to have to rewrite the agenda since the distributed one was barely addressed in its distributed form.

    The FBRI Annual Meeting is on the horizon.  YOU SHOULD ATTEND!!  While another mock Board Meeting will happen this is your best opportunity to interact with other Contributing Organizations and the Board of Directors.  This is the only time that anyone can publicly ask the “Hard questions”.  FSD will be there will you or your organization?  Shoot me a note at the bottom of this post if you think you will be there.

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  • Thneed Digest – Week 2016 – 35

    Posted: 2016/08/30           Category: Thneed Digest          

    An update on what FSD knows…

    Based on the latest FBRI email it looks as if the much awaited library updates are on the way.  The only word on release is “mid-September”.  No year was listed.  However, if this is true that means that the analysis has passed the Best Biometrics Practices Review Committee.  This is a required step for all library releases! While FSD did not hear a call for people to join the committee to review the analysis we are sure that it must have happened as the Board of Directors and the President have stated publicly that all libraries WILL be reviewed this way and that it doesn’t matter who did the analysis.  Also no word on the numerous reported FPS bugs.  Will they be patched at this time no one knows.  Some scheme to “protect” the library was said to be implemented in the software so it seems that priority should have been given to fixing the bugs over spending excessive amounts of time “protecting” the libraries.

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